Bio - Donald (Don) G. Treco

Donald (Don) G. Treco has eleven years of previous command experience, having formed and led the 7th Michigan Vol. Cavalry, Company "F" with the National Civil War Association (NCWA) from 1985-1995.

Under his leadership he was able to field up to 26 horses in battle re-enactments with the NCWA , produced a renown training video "Equipage & Basic Training", and raised funds to "adopt" for preservation, all three of the battle flags of the


original 7th Michigan Cavalry, at Lansing Michigan for which he was honored by the Michigan Capitol Committee. In 1993 the Mayor of Monroe Michigan, the home town of General George A. Custer, honored him for his preservation of the tradition of the Michigan Cavalry Brigade. He authored his memoirs of his experiences in re-enacting in a self-published book, and was featured in Western Horseman Magazine in 1993.
His forming of the recreated 2nd California Cavalry, Company "F" "Looking for the Mill Creeks"is his inspiration for the unique preservation of California's Civil War history, in the Northern California area, through public demonstrations, rides, expeditions and living-history. He has done extensive historical research into the operations of the original Company; the life of then Company Commander Captain Augustus W. Starr; and the relationships between and activities of, the settlers, the native americans and the Army in the Northern and Central Sacramento Valley. He is a member of the Old Sacramento Living-History Program with the registered character of Captain Augustus W. Starr.